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29th Science Fiction Marathon Jan. 16 - 17, 2004

Free parking is available in lot 44 (corner of Adelbert and Murray Hill across from Fribley) or lot 47 (Adelbert and Murray Hill behind the Art Studio) after 4:30 p.m. on Friday. If you arrive earlier than 4:30pm, you will have to pay for parking in the Veale Parking Tower (lot 53) at the posted rates ($2.00/hr up to a total of $9 for the day).

Movies and times subject to change. Tickets go on sale Friday, Jan. 16 at 6pm in the lobby of Strosacker Auditorium. Admission: $25. No one under 18 admitted without parental supervision.

Also showing The Lost Planet (1953) serial.

The Core (2003)
Rated PG-13 (135 min.) Director: Jon Amiel
With Aaron Eckhart, Christopher Shyer, Ray Galletti

Scientists discover that the Earth's core is about to stop spinning. This will cause tremendous natural disasters, wiping out life as we know it. A team of scientists is recruited in a crash project to send a ship and bomb into the center of the Earth to prevent the catastrophe.

Titan A.E. (2000)
Rated PG (94 min.) Directors: Don Bluth Gary Goldman
With voices of Drew Barrymore, Jim Breuer, Ken Campbell

One thousand years from now, aliens destroy Earth in fear of the Titan project. Some humans escape, becoming a downtrodden Diaspora, living in impoverished settlements. The mysterious Titan spacecraft also escapes, and its inventor has hidden it before dying. A spacecraft captain and its pilot, Korso and Akima, two humans, seek out Cale, the youthful son of the dead scientist and explain that he must help them find the Titan, which holds a mechanism to unite and save humanity. Cale refuses, but the arrival of the killer aliens persuades him to join Korso. Can he avoid his pursuers, know friend from foe, find the Titan, and embrace his humanity, a nature he has despised until now?

Surprise I (Battlestar Galactica (1978))

Beware! The Blob! (1972)
Rated PG (91 min.) Director: Larry Hagman
With Robert Walker Jr., Gwynne Gilford, Richard Stahl

A technician brings a frozen specimen of the original Blob back from the North Pole. When his wife accidentally defrosts the thing, it terrorizes the populace, including the local hippies, kittens, and bowlers.

Stay Tuned (1992)
Rated PG (88 min.) Director: Peter Hyams
With John Ritter, Pam Dawber, Jeffrey Jones

Roy and Helen Knable are having problems. Roy has become a couch potato and Helen resents this. After a fight, Spike, a high ranking devil, appears to offer Roy the ultimate satellite system. Roy signs without realizing he has sold his soul. When he is sucked into the cable version of Hell, Helen is sucked in with him. They go through the satanic variety of cable TV where dying will consign them to damnation. Shows they find themselves on include, "Driving over Miss Daisy", "Northern Overexposure", and "Autopsies of the Rich and Famous". Roy must take charge and save them from the dangers of this cable Hell.

Robocop (1987)
Rated R (102 min.) Director: Paul Verhoeven
With Peter Weller, Nancy Allen, Dan O'Herlilhy

Detroit - in the future - is crime ridden, and run by a massive company. The company have developed a huge crime fighting robot, which unfortunately develops a rather dangerous glitch. The company sees a way to get back in favor with the public when a cop called Alex Murphy is killed by a street gang. Murphy's body is reconstructed within a steel shell and named Robocop. The Robocop is very successful against criminals, and becomes a target of supervillian Boddicker.

Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams (2002)
Rated PG (99 min.) Director: Robert Rodriguez
With Antonio Banderas, Carla Gugino, Alexa Vega

Carmen and Juni Cortez are now regular operatives for a spy agency, but a couple of rival spy kids are making their lives difficult. When an important gadget gets stolen, Juni gets blamed and loses his job--but Carmen hacks into the agency computer, reinstates him, and sends them off on a high-security mission to a mysterious island to clear him.

The Three Stooges in Orbit (1962)
No rating (90 min.) Director: Edward Bernds
With Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Joe DeRita

The Three Stooges have a show to do, but since the rehearsals require cooking, they manage to get themselves thrown out of every hotel they can find. They finally find room and board at the home of the goofy inventor, Professor Danforth, but that home has its own problems. Namely, the Professor is working on a new all-terrain, flying, space worthy submersible. With some persuading, the Stooges agree to help him finish his invention and demonstrate it to the military. However, the Martians are interested in the vehicle as well and when they learn of its perfection, they plan to steal it and destroy the Earth. Like it or not, the fate of the world rests on the courage of Moe, Larry and Curly-Joe.

Last Action Hero (1993)
Rated PG-13 (130 min.) Director: John McTiernan
With Arnold Schwarzenegger, F. Murray Abraham, Austin O'Brien

Danny Madigan is a big movie buff. While watching an action movie, Danny's magic ticket transports him inside the movie alongside his number one hero Jack Slater. It's a dream come true for Danny, but things take a turn for the worst when a movie villain gets hold of the ticket and escapes into the real world. Danny and Jack must stop him by traveling to the real world where the bad guys can win.

The Truman Show (1998)
Rated PG (103 min.) Director: Peter Weir
With Jim Carrey, Ed Harris, Laura Linney

He's the star of the show--but he doesn't know. Jim Carrey as Truman Burbank in this movie from director Peter Weir about a man whose life is a nonstop TV show. Truman doesn't realize that his quaint hometown is a giant studio set run by a visionary producer/director/creator, that folks living and working there are Hollywood actors, that even his incessantly bubbly wife is a contract player. Gradually, Truman gets wise. And what he does about his discovery will have you laughing, crying and cheering.

Surprise II (Minority Report (2002))

Americathon (1979)
Rated PG (86 min.) Director: Neal Israel
With John Ritter, Harvey Korman, Fred Willard

In the not too distant future, the United States government is virtually bankrupt and in danger of being foreclosed on by a group of Native Americans, now owners of the massive Nike Corporation. A desperate President decides to make a last-ditch effort to save the country... by raising money with a telethon!

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003)
Rated PG-13 (110 min.) Director: Stephen Norrington
With Sean Connery, Naseeruddin Shah, Peta Wilson

Renowned adventurer Allan Quatermain leads a team of extraordinary figures with legendary powers to battle the technological terror of a madman known as "The Fantom." This "League" comprises seafarer/inventor Captain Nemo, vampiress Mina Harker, an invisible man named Rodney Skinner, American secret service agent Tom Sawyer, the ageless and invincible Dorian Gray, and the dangerous split personality of Dr.Jekyll/Mr. Hyde.

Rollerball (2002)
Rated PG-13 (97 min.) Director: John McTiernan
With Chris Klein, Jean Reno, LL Cool J

Jonathan Cross, a lover of extreme sports, is recruited by Alexi Petrovich to star in his sportive invention, Rollerball. Jonathan accepts and learns the ropes of Rollerball: The players are on Rollerblades, trying to bring a heavy metal ball into a high goal. Also, there are motorcyclists around to bring momentum to the players. Oh yes, and there are no rules in the game. During his skyrocketing career, Jonathan has to experience what Alexi has found out: Blood brings more viewing pleasure to the audience. So, Alexi starts to bribe members of the different teams to cause more trouble than necessary on the field, and the viewers love it. Only a little later, Jonathan's life is already in extreme danger as well as those of his friends and teammates. In a final game, Jonathan and his team have to fight for mere survival against their real opponent - their boss Alexi Petrovich.