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Cosponsorship Information

Updated Spring 2015

The CWRU Film Society shall make a quarterly schedule available online in advance. Any organization (both student and non-student) is eligible to cosponsor a film. If an organization wishes to sponsor a specific film or genre, they will need to contact the CWRU Film Society at least one month before the beginning of the semester.

Members of a cosponsoring organization will be allowed to make announcements prior to the film, will receive assistance from the CWRU Film Society with publicity and advertising relevant to the event, and will be entitled to discounted concessions and admission to the film.

Organizations that wish to cosponsor a film are, at minimum, responsible for covering projectionists' fees, which are $30 a showing. Typically, there are three showings on a Friday evening ($90 fee) and two showings on Saturday ($60 fee). Should an organization be interested in sponsoring a specific film or genre, they will be required to pay a portion of the cost of rights for the film. Members of the organization paying a portion of the rights will receive free admission to the film, as well as concessions discounts. Paying the full cost of the film rights will let the group be eligible to receive a portion of the ticket proceeds.

If an organization wishes to cosponsor a film outside of the CWRU Film Society Friday/Saturday schedule, they will be required to pay a portion of the cost of rights to the film, the $30/showing projectionist fee, as well as a $50 projector rental fee. The rental fee is to cover maintenance and upkeep of our machinery for its usage outside of the normal operating schedule. As above, projectionists' fees must be paid in whole by the end of the event.

If multiple organizations wish to cosponsor a single film, arrangements must be made by the groups in question. The costs may be split however the groups wish; the CWRU Film Society will require the same total cost to be paid (the $30/showing projectionists' fees, in addition to the $50 projector rental fee and cost of film rights if applicable) as with a cosponsorship by a single group.

The CWRU Film Society requests as many members of the cosponsoring organization be present as is possible at their cosponsored event. A single representative of the cosponsoring organization, at minimum, must be present at the event throughout its duration.

If an organization fails to pay the necessary fees for their cosponsorship the CWRU Film Society may pursue action through the university, and the organization may be ineligible for future cosponsorships. If at least a single member of the cosponsoring organization fails to attend the event, the organization may be ineligible for future cosponsorships. The CWRU Film Society reserves the right to refuse a cosponsorship for any reason.