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CWRU Film Society Spring 1999 Schedule

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24th Annual Science Fiction Marathon

Friday, January 15 - Sunday, January 17, 1999
Begins 8pm Friday

8:00pm Deep Impact (1998)
10:30pm Phase IV (1973) Screened at Marathon 5
12:15am Body Snatchers (1993) Body Snatchers is a Marathon first but
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) at 3, 21 Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) at 15
2:00am Surprise I
3:45am Wings of Honneamise (1987)
6:00am Back to the Future Part II (1989)
8:00am Demolition Man (1993)
10:00am The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)Screened at Marathon 1, 5, 10, 20
11:45am Until the End of the World (1991)
2:30pm The Fifth Element (1997)
4:45pm When Worlds Collide (1951) Screened at Marathon 1, 13
6:15pm Surprise II
8:15pm The Andromeda Strain (1971) Screened at Marathon 1, 8
10:30pm Mars Attacks! (1996)

Friday, January 22, 1999 7:00pm, 9:00pm, 11:00pm
Rush Hour (1998)
Rated PG-13 (97 min.) Director: Brett Ratner
With Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, Tom Wilkinson

Jackie Chan, Jackie Chan, Jackie Chan and oh yeah Chris Tucker. Chan is back and still doing his own stunts this time in New York with a new partner. Get riled up and come see the movie.

Saturday, January 23, 1999 7:00pm, 10:30pm
The Godfather (1972)
Rated R (175 min.) Director: Francis Ford Coppola
With Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, James Caan

The theme, voices and actors have been copied by scores of other movies, now see the best, the original. Gangsters, doing what gangsters do best: fighting, killing, and threatening.

Friday, January 29, 1999 7:00pm, 9:00pm, 11:00pm
The Waterboy (1998)
Rated PG-13 (89 min.) Director: Frank Coraci
With Adam Sandler, Kathy Bates, Henry Winkler

He is that helpless hapless kid that everyone laughed at. Yet when the coach discovers his talent for football, people aren't laughing any more, at least not quite as hard.

Saturday, January 30, 1999 7:00pm, 9:30pm
Platoon (1986)
Rated R (111 min.) Oliver Stone
With Charlie Sheen, Tom Berenger, Willem Dafoe

Vietnam veteran, Oliver Stone, does an amazing job bringing to life the Vietnam war through the eyes of a new young recruit. If you liked Full Metal Jacket, this movie is a definite must.

Thursday, February 4, 1999 FREE SNEAK PREVIEW! 7:00pm
Rushmore (1998)
Rated R (93 min.) Director: Wes Anderson
With Jason Schwartzman, Bill Murray, Olivia Williams

Friday, February 5, 1999 7:00pm, 9:45pm, 12:30am
The Mask of Zorro (1998)
Rated PG-13 (136 min.) Director: Martin Campbell
With Antonio Banderas, Anthony Hopkins, Catherine Zeta-Jones
Free fencing demonstration by the CWRU Fencing team.

Throughout history evil has feared the symbol Z left by the mightiest swordsman ever. After being traitorously captured twenty years ago, he now sets his revenge to save California, rescue his captured daughter, and practice a little swordsmanship.

Saturday, February 6, 1999 7:00pm, 9:15pm
Risky Business (1983)
Rated R (93 min.) Director: Paul Brickman
With Tom Cruise, Rebecca De Mornay

Joel is the All-American boy. Loving parents, never gets in trouble, lives in a nice suburban neighborhood, and wants to get into Princeton. When his parents leave for the weekend, Joel dances in his underwear, drowns his father's Porsche, and opens a whorehouse. Spawned the catch line, "Porsche - Accept No Substitute!"

Friday, February 12, 1999 7:00pm, 9:30pm, 12:00mid
Ever After (1998)
Rated PG-13 (121 min.) Director: Andy Tennant
With Drew Barrymore, Anjelica Huston, Kate Lansbury

Who says fairy tales never happen in real life? This Valentine's day, bring a date to watch a truly heart warming classic Cinderella tale brought to life in this modern day fairy tale. See the power of true love at work with that special someone.

Saturday, February 13, 1999 7:00pm, 9:45pm
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)
Rated PG-13 (143 min.) Director: Kevin Reynolds
With Kevin Costner, Morgan Freeman, Christian Slater

Bring a date during Valentine's Day weekend and you both get in for only $4.00 (save $1.00). It began with a child going on the crusades, upon returning he finds his house destroyed, the country in ruin and his father dead. He vows revenge. This was Robin Hood's beginning but far from his end.

Friday, February 19, 1999 7:00pm, 9:30pm, 12:00mid
Pleasantville (1998)
Rated PG-13 (124 min.) Director: Gary Ross
With Tobey Maguire, Jeff Daniels, Joan Allen

Take 2 kids from the nineties, add a magic remote control and zap them into a 50's sitcom. Watch as they discover not only that it's not really all that pleasant, but discover some things about themselves as well. Come see as they add new, colorful twists to the world of Pleasantville.

Saturday, February 20, 1999 7:00pm, 9:30pm
The Wizard of Oz (1939)
Rated G (101 min.) Director: Victor Fleming
With Judy Garland, Ray Bolger, Bert Lahr
Date changed from published schedule

"Lions and tigers and bears-oh my!!" All your favorite friends are back on the big screen: adorable Dorthy, courageous Lion, oily Tin Man, and stuffed Scarecrow. So follow the yellow brick road all the way to Strosacker.

Tuesday, February 23, 1999 7:00pm
Eve's Bayou (1997)
Rated R (109 min.) Director: Kasi Lemmons
With Samuel Jackson, Diahann Carroll, Lyn Whitfield
This is a free showing in honor of Black History month.

Friday, February 26, 1999 7:00pm, 9:45pm, 12:30am
Enemy of the State (1998)
Rated R (130 min.) Tony Scott
With Will Smith, Gene Hackman, Jon Voight

Will Smith just wanted to get some naughty lingerie for his wife, but ends up a target of the collective strength of the NSA. Great special effects, lots of action, and the usual Will Smith humor.

Saturday, February 27, 1999 7:00pm, 9:00pm
Tron (1982)
Rated PG (96 min.) Director: Steven Lisberger
With Jeff Bridges, Cindy Morgan, David Warner
Date changed from published schedule

We spend so much time around computers, did you ever wonder what it would be like to be inside one? How about trapped in a self-aware computer bent on world domination? See the movie and satisfy your imagination.

Tuesday, March 2, 1999 7:00pm
Sliding Doors (1998)
Rated PG-13 (99 min.) Director: Peter Howitt
With Gwyneth Paltrow, John Hannah
SCHEDULE CHANGE. This is a free showing.

Friday, March 5, 1999 7:00pm, 9:00pm, 11:00pm
The Avengers (1998)
Rated PG-13 (89 min.) Director: Jeremiah S. Chechik
With Uma Thurman, Sean Connery, Ralph Fiennes

An amazing cast teams up to destroy an evil weather-controlling device. Sounds old hat? Not with this cast (a couple little tricks will keep you on the edge of the seat.

Saturday, March 6, 1999
No movies due to Spring Break

Friday, March 12 - Saturday, March 13, 1999
No movies due to Spring Break

Tuesday, March 16, 1999 7:00pm
It Happened Here (1961)
Rated PG (93 min.) Director: Kevin Brownlow
With Pauline Murray, Sebastian Shaw
This is a free showing.

Friday, March 19, 1999 7:00pm, 9:00pm, 11:00pm
A Bug's Life (1998)
Rated G (96 min.) Directors: John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton
With voices of Dave Foley, Kevin Spacey, Phyllis Diller

Ever wonder what those little ants are thinking as they scurry off with your picnic food? This movie shows not only they think like us but they woo women similarly and face many of the same problems. Hilarious, action-packed, amazing group of actors, must see.

Saturday, March 20, 1999 7:00pm, 9:00pm
Pi (1998) Rated R (84 min.) Director: Darren Aronofsky
With Sean Gullette, Mark Margolis, Pamela Hart

Max is a genius mathematician who's built a super computer at home that provides something that can be understood as a key for understanding all existence. Representatives both from a Hasidic cabalistic sect and high-powered Wall Street firm hear of that secret and attempt to seduce him.

Tuesday, March 23, 1999 7:00pm
The Color Purple (1985)
Rated PG-13 (152 min.) Director: Steven Spielberg

In honor of Take Back the Night and sponsored by the Association for Women Students, we invite everyone to come see this movie for FREE. In addition afterwards there will be a speaker concerning the movie and/or the general premise behind Take Back the Night (speaker: TBA).

Friday, March 26, 1999 7:00pm, 9:30pm, 12:00mid
A Civil Action (1998)
Rated PG-13 (125 min.) Director: Steven Zaillian
With John Travolta, Robert Duvall, John Lithgow

Adapted from the best selling novel. A community, whose water supply was contaminated with industrial solvents, spearhead an effort to sue the mega-corporation who are responsible. Jan Schlittman, a personal-injury lawyer, takes on the case for the small town against the huge conglomerate.

Saturday, March 27, 1999 7:00pm, 9:30pm
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)
Rated PG-13 (127 min.) Director: Steven Spielberg
With Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, Alison Doody

This final, and arguably the best Indiana Jones movie ever made, pits Indiana Jones with a new partner against the hated Nazis. Who is his new partner? His father(didn't he listen to the advice that you should never work with the person you live with (I guess he will have to learn for himself).

Tuesday, March 30, 1999 7:00pm
Crossing Delancey (1988)
Rated PG (97 min.) Director: Joan Micklin Silver
With Amy Irving, Peter Reigert
This is a free showing sponsored by the Hillel Foundation.

Friday, April 2, 1999 7:00pm, 10:30pm
Saving Private Ryan (1998)
Rated R (170 min.) Director: Steven Spielberg
With Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, Tom Sizemore

Steven Spielberg has done it again. Once again he marks himself as one of the great movie giants. He brings out the horror of the second World War to life on the big screen in black and white like you've never seen before. The trademark honor to truth that was seen in Schindler's List, can now be seen of the war that was to be the war that ended all wars.

Saturday, April 3, 1999 7:00pm, 9:30pm
Suicide Kings (1997)
Rated R (106 min.) Director: Peter O'Fallon
With Christopher Walken, C. Thomas Howell, Denis Leary

A wealthy man's sister is kidnapped and held for ransom. He and his friends decide to kidnap a mob boss to negotiate the girl's release. In the style of great caper films, this is one of the better independent film of the last year.

Tuesday, April 6, 1999 7:00pm
The Birdcage (1996)
Rated R (117 min.) Director: Mike Nichols
With Robin Williams, Gene Hackman, Nathan Lane, Dianne Wiest This is a free showing sponsered by the Hillel Foundation.

Friday, April 9, 1999 7:00pm, 9:15pm, 11:30pm
Practical Magic (1998)
Rated PG-13 (103 min.) Director: Griffin Dunne
With Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman, Dianne Wiest

Do witches really exist? YES! Unfortunately for them every time they find a man they love he dies-puts a small damper on the love life. Now they are going to test the limit of their power and try to win true love.

Saturday, April 10, 1999 7:00pm, 10:00pm
Empire of the Sun (1987)
Rated PG (154 min.) Director: Steven Spielberg
With Christian Bale, John Malkovich, Nigel Havers

This Steven Spielberg hit follows the life of a boy trapped in Shanghai when the Japanese invade during WWII. All the other Americans escaped but due to an accident he is left to fend for himself against indifferent foreign soldiers, weary and cynical POW's and worst his own young innocence and fears. A must see for all.

Tuesday, April 13, 1999 7:00pm
Schindler's List (1993)
Rated R (197 min.) Director: Steven Spielberg
With Liam Neeson, Ben Kingsley, Ralph Fiennes

In honor of Yom Hashoah, the remembrance of the Holocaust, come see this Spielberg movie for free. Sponsored by the Hillel Foundation with a speaker to follow.

Friday, April 16, 1999 7:00pm, 9:30pm, 12:00mid
Star Trek: Insurrection (1998)
Rated PG (90 min.) Director: Jonathan Frakes
With Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, LeVar Burton
Dress up like your favorite Star Trek character and get a free bag of popcorn or drink.

Where does duty, personal honor, and love of humanity all come together? The crew of the famous Star Trek Enterprise-E battles these very questions in the newest release in the Star Trek epic. All the same faces with a couple new ones as well.

Saturday, April 17, 1999 7:00pm, 9:30pm
Back to the Future (1985)
Rated PG (111 min.) Director: Robert Zemeckis
With Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson

You've seen the second and third a million times on TV but have you ever seen the original on the big screen in all of its 80's glory? Go back to skateboards, DeLoreans, McFly, and Doc Brown.

Tuesday, April 20, 1999 7:00pm
The Prince of Egypt (1998)
Rated PG (97 min.) Director: Brenda Chapman, Steve Hickner
With voices of Val Kilmer, Ralph Fiennes, Michelle Pfeiffer
This is a free showing sponsered by the Hillel Foundation.

Egypt, eons of years ago: Pharaoh Seti commands all male hebrew babies to be drowned. A desperate mother places her son in a basket and lets the Hebrew god guide it along its way on the river. The basket is found by the Queen, and Moses is brought up as a brother to the heir of the throne, Ramses. Years later, the brothers, who grew up happily and wealthy, are split by Moses' recognition of his true heritage and the suppressing system his brother is about to inherit, willing to carry it on. Fleeing from the city in despair, Moses finds himself being called by god. He is given the task of being the messenger in order to free the Hebrews and to lead them into a country where milk and honey flow.

Friday, April 23, 1999 7:00pm, 9:30pm, 12:00am
There's Something About Mary (1998)
Rated R (119 min.) Director: Bobby Farrelly, Peter Farrelly
With Cameron Diaz, Matt Dillon, Ben Stiller, Brett Favre

Ever been so completely enamored with someone that you can't think or act straight? Well this is the story of Ted's life. For 13 years he has been obsessed about Mary and has finally gotten the guts to do something about it in this hilarious comedy.

Saturday, April 24, 1999 7:00pm, 10:00pm
Mary Poppins (1964)
Rated G (140 min.) Director: Robert Stevenson
With Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke, David Tomlinson

"Chim-Cher-ee Chim-Cher-ee Chim Chim Cher-oo." You guessed it, Mary Poppins is back in this heartwarming Disney tale. The children scream for attention, but are not heard by their parents until someone special shows up.

Tuesday, April 27, 1999 7:00pm
The Spanish Prisoner (1997)
Rated PG-13 (110 min.) Director: David Mamet
With Steve Martin, Campbell Scott
This is a free showing.

Porn Returns to CWRU... (double feature) It has been a tradition at Film Society to show an adult film the weekend before finals. Well, we hate to see old traditions die, so here it comes again. ID necessary for admittance (must be 18 or older.

Saturday, May 1, 1999 7:00pm
Orgazmo (1997)
Rated NC-17 (94 min.) Director: Trey Parker
With Trey Parker, Matt Stone

Saturday, 1 May 1999, 1999 9:30pm
The Devil in Miss Jones (1973)
Rated X (68 min.) Director:
With Georgina Spelvin, Harry Reems, Sue Flaken