CWRU Film Society home


The CWRU Film Society is renovating Strosacker Auditorium in order to provide an even better viewing experience. Replacing the screen and the 3 main speakers behind the screen was one of the first steps.

August 24, 1999

Putting up new hardware for the screen and installing a new amplifier.

Chris, Cindy, and Matt Jeff
Our happy staff (Chris, Cindy, and Matt) gathered to work. Jeff is tagging all the wires that lead into the sound system
Tim getting a massage from Karen Jeff
Tim getting a massage from Karen. More sound system work.
Matthew Jeff
Matthew, yet again, on the ladder. He's putting up the new bungee cord which is used to hold the screen to the frame. More sound system work.
The sound system rack Charley
This is the back of the sound system rack. More sound system work.
Charley is working on removing the old amplifier parts.